15th Club to host digital hackathon

March 2, 2017
Jake Nichols

15th Club is excited to announce our first digital hackathon. This event will offer the first opportunity for participants to explore our unique shot-by-shot datasets featuring actual data from 15th Club partner and European Tour winner David Horsey as well as the 2016 Ryder Cup.

Rules of the Competition

Our work focuses on helping golfers win and helping media partners tell their data stories more creatively and effectively. We request that all submissions focus on answering one of the following questions:

  1. How can I use the player shot-by-shot data to develop an insight to help David Horsey win?
  2. How can I use the Ryder Cup shot-by-shot data to tell the story of a match, a player, a session, or the full competition?

As part of the competition, participants will have two weeks to analyse either data set and produce a submission to be judged. Submissions may be entered in the form of PDFs, online reports (Markdown, code notebooks, etc.), a slide deck, Tableau visual, etc. We encourage creative submissions that show how your individual skills can move golf analysis forward.

The best submissions will score well in these areas:

  1. Creativity/Ingenuity: does your submission reflect creative thinking about the problem at hand?
  2. Quality of communication: our business is focused around communicating with a wide range of clients from media personalities to elite golfers, and caddies to design and software specialists, so it’s crucial to effectively communicate your ideas to any audience.
  3. Methodology: The best submissions will clearly explain the process of how the analysis was conducted (Excel, R, Python, etc.). They will also show the correct usage of basic statistical principles and be able to justify their decisions.

We are excited to announce our judging panel will feature European Tour winner David Horsey, European Tour Player Relations Director Hendrik Almstadt, and 15th Club Head of Golf Intelligence Jake Nichols.

“I’m excited to partner with 15th Club on this unique and innovative project and I look forward to seeing the insights produced by the participants!” – David Horsey

The best submissions will be given the opportunity to have their analysis featured on 15th Club’s website and will be strongly considered for employment opportunities (we are currently hiring).

Register your interest in participating by completing this form. We will distribute data to all of those registered on Wednesday March 8th and submissions are due by Monday March 20th.

Terms and Conditions
By participating, you agree to give 15th Club the right to use any insights generated commercially. You retain the ability to analyse the data outside the scope of this event and publish your own research using the data, but 15th Club will retain ownership of the data. While we will consider submissions in any future recruitment efforts, nothing in this Hackathon should be construed as an offer or promise of employment.